your Fragrance Ritual


In the Middle East, fragrances are more than just scents, they’re tools for self-expression that embody a century old ritual: layering. The world of oriental fragrances, like the ritual of layering itself, is a century old category, dominated by key traditional players with years of expertise, specialty and loyalty
to their advantage.

The Idea

Our objective was to introduce an unknown brand in a long-established category and to open consumers’ eyes to a new definition of a century old ritual. Our strategy was derived from identifying the opportunity to position Ghawali as the brand that brings a century old tradition into modern times – an identity born out of tradition, but leading the way today.

The creative idea was simple, to create sensual imagery that:

1- Conveyed the idea of layering different fragrances delivered
in different ways, from perfumes and oils to bokhour.

2- Communicated that these fragrance combinations are as individual
as you are—for both men and women.

3- Did so in a way that implied Arabic tradition and an appreciation of modern luxury.


We brought the new brand identity to life in-store through videos, posters and interactive in-store displays. As a result of the experience created in store, Ghawali attracted affluent Arab consumers into stores, of which more than 60% made at least one purchase, enabling the brand to exceed projected revenue by 12% YTD.

More Work