Durex Incognito


In the Middle East, 40% of men buy fewer condoms than they would like to because they are simply too embarrassed to do so at off-line retail. Given cultural and religious taboos about sex outside of marriage, condom purchase in public among young men particularly can be a cause of shame. Durex wanted to switch anxious condom buyers at retail into positive condom buyers online, principally through Souq.com. Not just for White Friday but as a matter of habit thereafter.

The Idea

Under the cover of the White Friday Sale – the most popular period for e-commerce – Durex wanted to encourage men to consider a new way of buying condoms. A way that cuts out the embarrassment.

The loophole was Souq.com’s iconic brown packaging that hides the product, no matter what’s being delivered.

Data pointed to the fact that 93% of Souq.com purchasers are male (80% of them between 25-40 years old) and online media makes up 60% of their media time. Indeed, an average of 2 hrs 39 mins of their day is spent on social media. So, intercepting them on their online journey was critical to success.

To address the embarrassment insight, Durex used a combination of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts with YouTube pre-roll films in the week leading up to the White Friday Sale.

Here, the brand repositioned the whole concept of online condom purchase as “Neighbourproof” or “Receptionistproof” or “Conciergeproof” – playing on the anonymity of the Souq.com box.

Over the three-day sale period, we focused on the delivery of hard-selling messages, connecting the behavioural insight of the first wave of the campaign to a strong call-to-action and hard-sell promo message.


The outstanding success of the Incognito campaign is changing the go-to-market model for the brand. Durex generated 10.9 times more leads than the previous Valentine’s Day campaign, the normal annual high point. Across both phases of the campaign, the click through rate on social media was 2.4 times the industry benchmark in the biggest market – KSA. On paid media, the click through rate was 5.6 times the benchmark for KSA. The sales peak continued through December achieving an increase of over 300% more than the previous year during the same period. Even retail sales in pharmacies saw a positive jump of 5% over the previous year with no other promotions in the marketplace.

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