Germs Stamps Blurb

Germ Stamps Blurb

We know that for kids, life—everything—is about having fun, and learning is no exception.

Since Dettol was on a mission to teach children early on about germ awareness and the necessity of hand washing, we decided to use this insight as the inspiration behind our upcoming school activation: making the boring chore of washing up entertaining.

With the introduction of Germ Stamps, we created a fun, relevant and engaging germ-kill mechanic that children couldn’t wait to get their hands on. After providing classrooms with a variety of fun, germ character stamps, teachers used them to stamp the kids’ hands after any activity. The stamps not only reminded them that their hands were covered in germs, they also challenged the kids to wash them off.

The stamps then inspired an educational kit that Dettol, working with multiple teams, developed, distributed and implemented across schools in the Middle East.

In terms of results, we were only trying to promote healthier hygiene habits in schools across the region. Teachers confirmed the stamps had a huge impact, and explained how after any activity, kids queued up to receive their stamps before they washed their hands. Our greatest result: by the end of the school year, over 1 million kids across the Middle East no longer needed to be reminded to wash their hands, they actually wanted to!


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