Fall Ill Less Often

Fall Ill Less Often

Everyone knows and recognises Dettol’s famous brown formula, and mums have been using it in their homes for over 80 years.

But despite its long-standing fame in the world of disinfectants, Dettol ASL was being dethroned by younger, prettier, cheaper detergents–losing household penetration in every age group in the Gulf region.

Given these challenges, our campaign objective was to increase penetration of Dettol ASL, primarily in the KSA. And since we were speaking to mums who are users of the category and aware of the importance of killing germs, we had to find a way to wipe the competition clean and return the spotlight to Dettol as the essential disinfectant in surface cleaning.

We also realised that mums like to come up with their own cleaning recipes, even using products like bleach and dish washing liquid in their homemade mixes, because they think they pretty much all do the same thing. We know that Dettol is different, but how to convince Mum? We turned to science.

A scientifically-based study demonstrated that the use of Dettol products combined with good hygiene practices reduces gastrointestinal infections by 77.4-78.6%, respiratory infections by 57.4-74.2% and skin infections by 65.5-74.6%. So there we had it: combined with good hygiene habits, Dettol has been scientifically proven to reduce illness by 75% which means her family would (F)all (I)ll (L)ess (O)ften, something only Dettol can claim.

Our translation of the Big Idea became: Prevention is the key to staying healthy.

Instead of going down the usual dramatic path of highlighting germs to provoke fear, a tactic that is known to be used in this category, we opted for a playful, positive approach: something all mums, all kids and all former kids could relate to–skipping school by pretending to be sick. We needed to frame the outcome to consumers (falling ill less often) in a positive tone of voice, focusing on health as an outcome, yet conveying the value of using ASL around the home (preventing illnesses).

This insight was the perfect platform to highlight our unique claim. Kids may try to put one over mum, but when she uses Dettol she can’t be fooled! She knows there’s no way her son is genuinely ill and she quickly dismisses his little trick because her trust in Dettol gives her full confidence that he is actually happy and healthy.

In bringing this big idea to life, we opted for channels that would guarantee the biggest impact: TV and in-store. It was important to achieve high reach while maintaining a presence at point-of-purchase to drive synergy between touch-points.

The TVC worked like a charm and almost immediately, Dettol regained its star-status, with a significant increase in penetration, sales and new buyers. This increase in ASL consumption helped the brand achieve a leadership position in KSA’s total household cleaning category, and reaffirmed Dettol as mums’ most trusted ally in household health.


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