The Silk Standard


There’s more money spent on beauty preparation in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world. In just three years, a Saudi woman spends more on beauty than an English woman does in her entire lifetime. Hair removal, however, is still seen as purely functional – a messy job for razors or traditional halawa methods.

Having lost 5% market share in less than a year, it was time for Veet creams and wax strips to redefine its relevance to Middle Eastern beauty.

The Idea

To own the ‘Silk Standard’ in smooth skin, in a way that adheres to the Middle Eastern definition of beauty and to make a big and rapid impact, Veet partnered with popular TV star and former Miss Lebanon, Nadine Nassib Njeim, who has almost 1 million followers on Facebook and 6 million on Instagram. Through three steps, the campaign focused on the heightened interest in beauty around Ramadan.

The Awareness phase delivered online teaser videos announcing Nadine’s involvement, bumper ads on You Tube, banner ads and social media posts. The consideration phase built momentum through TVCs and OLVs attacking razors and halawa with Nadine also relating her own experience of hair removal with multiple product posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Finally, conversion led women to buy the product directly through and point of sale in retail.


Sales through soared to 11 times more than the same period a year before with 235,000 more leads to e-commerce channels at a cost 3.3 times better than the industry benchmark. In key retail accounts, sales grew by 4% with a more than 10% lift in purchase intent.

The conversation about beauty in the Middle East now starts in a different place with the Silk Standard – positioning the brand perfectly for the new Modern Eastern woman.

More Work