Combating Climate Change

It’s a simple idea: Restore the planet and save lives.
Climate change, land degradation, and overexploitation cause temperatures to rise, land to dry up, and fertile soil to erode. And that leads to serious challenges, such as extreme droughts and famine.

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A Lifetime of (Machine) Learning

That old adage “never stop learning” is true for people—and computers. Marc Maleh, global director of Havas Cognitive, explains artificial intelligence and machine learning in a way that even his four-year-old can understand. Turns out, the concept may be simpler than we all thought.

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The ethics of using AI in advertising

As an industry, advertising has long been obsessed with understanding human behavior. The ability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to transform vast amounts of complex, ambiguous information into insight is driving personal analysis into market behavior.

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Havas combines Havas Health, Havas consumer health practices into new entity

Havas Health and all of Havas Creative Group’s global consumer health practices have been merged into a new entity, called Havas Health & You, in a move executives say is designed to capture interest in the growing health and wellness market.

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Yannick Bolloré is now Global CEO of Havas Creative Group

Major leadership changes are coming to Havas Group today. The group announced that longtime global CEO of Havas Creative Group and Havas Worldwide, Andrew Benett, will be leaving the network.

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Inside: Havas Village Dubai

In the UAE, Havas Worldwide, Havas Media, and Havas People recently joined forces to create the Dubai Village. We took a virtual visit to learn more about this diverse, collaborative, and dedicated team.

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