Digital Rebrand


Ooredoo, previously known as Qtel, launched as a new brand in February 2013 in order to grow as a global communications leader. To do this, a new brand identity was needed to appeal to their enormously diverse international consumer base and growing service options. 

After initially rebranding the Group, it was decided that all international markets were to be launched under the new unified Ooredoo brand as soon as possible. As part of this process, the Group developed Offline Brand Guidelines to outline their new corporate identity, but did not include how Ooredoo would live in the digital environment.

Upon receiving the brief in June 2013, our objective was to quickly develop the Ooredoo brand digitally and support the transition of all nine countries that were rebranding. Throughout this process we needed to create Digital Brand Guidelines that would enable Ooredoo to bring the brand to life online in a unified way.


Research and Planning

With such diversity across markets, we needed to look at individual country requirements and how the rebrand would work for them. Therefore frequent market visits were made to see how to best fulfil the needs of these Ooredoo teams.

We additionally analysed the Offline Brand Guidelines (350+ pages) which detailed logo use, colours, advertising imagery etc., and identified the gaps and opportunities where we digitally would play the most pivotal role, to ensure a unified multi-channel rebrand with digital integration at its core.

Time was our greatest restriction so we quickly needed to build the Digital Brand Guidelines for a full rebrand transition. For the interim we developed the Reskin Guidelines as a quick-fix solution in July 2013. This document detailed changes that Ooredoo could make to their existing CSS designs and platforms that would rebrand them in only 2/3 days.


Creativity and Innovation

Several fundamental brand rules within the Offline Guidelines did not work in the online environment, so we digitally adapted these elements to develop a creative and cohesive solution for each case. These were all approved and implemented by the Group and all Ooredoo markets.

  • Ooredoo’s primary font Opificio could not be used online due to rendering and legibility issues, so we carried out a full font audit with similar fonts to Opificio to develop a matrix of variables that were required for an acceptable web font. Our end recommendation, which was accepted, was to edit and convert the Opificio font to a web format.

  • Ooredoo’s circle textbox, whilst visually impactful was too large and complex in its components, for a fluid use online environment. So we experimented with different versions to find one that worked perfectly.


Strategy and Implementation

After the Reskin and Offline Guideline solutions, we focused on building the long-term Digital Brand Guidelines, and those for Ooredoo’s specialised teams.

  • The Digital Brand Guidelines: a living document that is consistently updated with new inputs from a variety of projects and is the core base for all branding information.

  • Corporate Website Guidelines: a support document for all the markets to develop a clear communication style with the consumer.

  • Iconography Concept Guidelines: a full set of icons (over 150) with detailed rules for use within each market.

  • Social Media Creative and Management Guidelines: to provide creative assets and management rules for all social media channels across the globe to ensure consistency in communication, voice and look.

  • Market Website Guidelines and Toolkit: a set of responsive designs and HTMLs to create a market-specific website using the all the new guidelines.



Over the six month digital rebrand period, many unforeseen challenges arose in the development of Ooredoo’s digital presence. These were overcome step-by-step with simple, creative and strategic solutions and developed throughout the creation of the Digital Brand Guidelines. Enhancing the Offline Brand Guidelines led a strong multi-channel integration of the brand’s new identity in the online environment.

The success of the initial digital rebrand for Ooredoo has led to us to developing guidelines for:

  • Self-care applications

  • E-commerce

  • SEO

  • CRM

With the digital world continuously advancing and the Ooredoo brand expanding its reach worldwide, the project is an ever evolving process with no definitive end. The Digital Brand Guidelines will continue to be enhanced as a ‘living document’, allowing Ooredoo to simply do wonders.