Advertising Week Europe 2016 Preview

Havas is heading to London for five days of inspiring thought leadership, actionable learning, and incredible entertainment at the fourth annual Advertising Week Europe.

We’ll be sharing our own insights in four sessions, covering everything from sports sponsorships to social good. Below, panelists share previews of what you can expect.


The Marketing Industry Brexit Debate

Chris Hirst, European and UK Group CEO at Havas (@chrishirst)

The panel will be delving into the arguments for and against the UK leaving the European Union. It’s balanced on both sides; each member of the panel will give a short elevator pitch-style summary of why they’re in or out. After this, they will then expand on their positions and consider:

  • Whether leaving the EU would be good or bad for business?
  • What Brexit would mean for the UK’s marketing and communications agencies?
  • What effect would it have on client relationships across Europe and the world?
  • How might it impact clients?

The second half of the discussion will consider the in and out campaigns:

  • How persuasive has their case been so far?
  • How well are the major figures in the referendum (from Boris Johnson to David Cameron) performing?
  • What more do they need to do to convince voters to side with them on referendum day?

The session will be recorded as a podcast and will also be covered in an article for The Drum.


Do We Really Believe That “This Girl Can”?

Pedro Avery, Global CEO, Havas S&E (@PedroAvery)

The Good Story: The biggest sports brands are targeting women via entertainment artists: Rihanna/Puma, Rita Ora/Adidas, Christy Turlington/Under Armour, Beyonce/Topshop Athletic, and more. The market for women’s sportswear is thriving, worth £8.5bn in the UK alone, not to mention that FIFA Women’s World Cup was a global ratings hit.

The Bad Story: Yet, less than 5% of sport sponsorship money goes to women’s sports and media coverage of women’s sports remains very low. The received industry wisdom remains that sponsorship is a numbers game. This is the commercial argument against women’s sports sponsorship.

Who will win out?


Is Doing Good Good for Business?

Ben Mooge, ECD at Havas London (@benmooge)

Before the panel discussion gets underway, The Drum will be screening a short film about their “Do It Day” event, where they challenged brands to make the world a better place in 24 hours.

The theme of our discussion will be around brands having a purpose, and how this translates to business success. Some of the areas questions will touch upon include:

  • Do major brands have a responsibility to use their reach and power to do good in the world?
  • What obligation, if any, do brands have to involve themselves in causes such as the battle for gender equality?
  • Is there a danger that brands could actually harm their fortunes by taking too strong a stand on certain issues?
  • What distinguishes a brand that merely appropriates a cultural issue from one that plays a meaningful role in creating positive change?
  • Can brands really be a force for good?


DVR Proof

Pedro Avery, Global CEO, Havas S&E (@PedroAvery)

Romantics think that live sports is the panacea for broadcasters to keep brand money invested in linear TV. In reality, is it that technology democratization allowing anyone to deliver content that’s driving up prices? Come join the debate to find out.